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EU institutions interaction with citizen’s associations, NGOs, businesses, trade and professional organizations, trade unions, think tanks, is constant, legitimate and necessary for the quality of democracy. However, the overall level of transparency surrounding these interactions is far from ideal. The creation of the Transparency Registry, by the EU Commission and European Parliamen, has largely failed its declared mission of providing ‘citizens with a direct and single access to information about who is engaged in activities aiming at influencing the EU decision making process, which interests are being pursued and what level of resources are invested in these activities’.

Action : The Clinic wrote a policy report concerning what rights and duties should or should not be attached to the Transparency Register. In particular, it tackled issues such as the efficiency of voluntary registering, registration of law firms, information required, the monitoring of the accuracy of the register, and the legal basis of such changes, by cross comparing the 2014 changes to the Transparency Register to the American experience in Washington, DC.

Read our full policy report on lobbying regulation here.