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Step 1


Tell us about your needs. Do you have projects where you might benefit from some free or low cost, yet professional quality, EU legal, policy and/or advocacy assistance? Either you approach us via email here or we approach you. You review our engagement letter and complete our statement of interest form. We then explore how the clinic can best help you. We have a successful track record in producing legal and policy memos, lodging complaints and petitions to European and national institutions, circulating in-depth blog posts as well as developing lobbying strategies and campaigns. All our projects provide you with a stakeholder mapping to facilitate your ensuing advocacy.


Step 2


We draw up a memorandum of understanding between the Clinic and your NGO. The Memo sets out our obligations, your expectations, our deadlines, and communication policies and (if any) fees you are expected to pay. You will be assigned a “Lead Scientific Advisor” from within our network of pro bono consultants (that is a senior academic or practitioner with a great deal of expertise related to your project) and a student team of NYU and HEC researchers to undertake the in-depth research necessary to complete your project, as well as additional experts belonging to our network.


Step 3


The Clinic team assigned to your project will send you periodic progress reports on their work and invite you to provide feedback to them. This is to make sure you know where the work stands at any given moment and that you are able to retain influence over the final work product.


Step 4


We finalise your project and send you the final work product. You tell us if you are happy and, if not, how we can improve the product. We make revisions until you are satisfied.


Step 5


Working together with you and your organisation we communicate the work product to the press and circulate it online via our collective networks and over social media. We help you to maximise the advocacy impact of your project by pursuing communication along high-impact channels.


Join these NGOs and come to the EU Clinic for high-quality, free or low-cost, legal and advocacy consulting!

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