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 How It Works

Step 1


Interested in joining our network of pro bono consultants? You write to us here and tell us about your skill set and areas of expertise. You can help us to produce legal memos, complaints and petitions to European Institutions, lobbying strategies, in-depth blog posts, and more. You can also help an NGO with communication and advocacy, research, digital platform design, data management or any other area where you have useful skills to share. Let us know how you can help!


Step 2


We talk to you in-person and find out more about how you want to contribute and how much time you are prepared to donate. We identify NGOs and advocacy projects from within our network where your unique skill-set is required. After further consultation with you, we allocate you to an NGO and advocacy project. See here for examples of our previous projects.


Step 3


We draw up a memorandum of understanding between you and the Clinic. The Memo sets out our mutual obligations and expectations (and the expectations of the relevant partner NGO), deadlines, communication policies and (if any) fees you will be paid. You will be designated as a “Lead Scientific Advisor” for a specified NGO advocacy project and allocated a student team of NYU and HEC researchers to undertake (following your advice) the in-depth research necessary to complete the project.


Step 4


You will work closely with your student team, Clinic staff and the partner NGO to complete your advocacy project and produce the final work product. You will liaise with the student team and Clinic staff to keep the partner updated about work progress. Once the work product is finalised you will assist the Clinic staff in making final changes to the work product as requested by the partner NGO.


Take the step! Become one of a growing number of forward-thinking professionals and academics dedicating a portion of their time to lobby for the public interest. Join our growing pro bono network!