We promote the public interest in the EU…

Through lobbying, advocacy, and legal research the EU Clinic promotes democratic, transparent and accountable EU institutions and agencies.

In a nutshell…

The EU Clinic is the result of a partnership between New York University School of Law and HEC Paris (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris). Clinic instructors and selected students from both universities work together with leading NGOs, academics and practitioners. Together we lobby the EU to promote the underrepresented public interest (public health, environmental protection, consumer rights and more).

The core philosophy of the Clinic can be stated simply: in the context of an increasingly powerful and increasingly important supranational European Union, we believe in the fundamental importance of an active and engaged citizenry to represent the public interest and hold the EU institutions to account. In particular, EU law and the legal profession, by providing assistance to citizens both in their relations with the state and the market, bear a particular responsibility to make this vision a reality.

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Our recent successes…

July 2015: The European Ombudsman has decided to open an investigation into judicial transparency at the CJEU following our complaint submitted jointly with partner NGO, Access Info Europe.

See the full compliant by clicking on the image below:

Judicial Transparency - complaint link final

June 2015: Our report for BEUC (the European Consumer Organisation) on airline “no-show” clauses will be presented to the European Commission, Council and Parliament in September 2015.

See the full report by clicking on the image below:

BEUC - memo link

March 2015: Our report for Wikimedia on “freedom of panorama” in Europe was presented to the European Commission, Council and Parliament in March 2015. Wikimedia continues to make use of the report in it’s on-going advocacy campaign.

See the full report by clicking on the image below:

Wikimedia - memo link

Check out our bite-sized annual report in Prezi:

A few words from our team…

What our partners say...

“Working with the Clinic is essentially getting top-notch legal policy help from a group of very motivated young professionals and their tutors. It was an exciting process to be part of and the results produced are topical, relevant and effectively help me to do my job.”

Dimitar Dimitrov, Policy Analyst, Wikimedia

What our students say...

“The best part of the Clinic is being able to apply EU law to an actual legal concern.”

“The Clinic was my first opportunity to work on a real case, and in a group. I think it is great preparation for what will be expected from us in a law firm.”

“I think being a public interest lawyer is a unique chance to pursue goals which are important to oneself and to have the feeling of actually doing something for the community.”

What our pro bono network members say...

” … I could not think of a more committed, diverse and skilled group of young professionals to develop a policy proposal. The whole program is based on the idea of letting students understand and reflect on how difficult the pursuit of public interest goals in the real world is. Students have to deal with complex tasks … and to produce results that can be widely relied on in the policy- and law-making process.”

Dr. Giuseppe Mazziotti, Assistant Professor of Law, Trinity College Dublin

  Our clients…