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Project Title

The “ECI Project” on Alcohol Advertising Regulation


Project aims

1. Conduct research into the competence of the EU to regulate alcohol advertising

2. Prepare a draft impact assessment considering the major policy options available to attain the goal of enhanced alcohol advertising regulation so as to reduce exposure and mitigate harmful consumption.

3. On the basis of the research, draft a directive on the regulation of alcohol advertising in the EU.



Alcohol marketing and advertising is considerably under regulated in the EU. This is particularly disconcerting in the case of marketing to youths. Young people are aggressively targeted by alcohol manufacturers flogging candy-coloured alcoholic beverages. Yet the EU has no binding regulatory framework in place to keep such practices under wraps.

Meanwhile, the European Citizens’ Initiative allows one million EU citizens to propose new EU legislation. This project is an initial step in a campaign led by a group of activists and scholars aiming to use this tool to enhance alcohol-advertising regulation.

Working together with leading EU public health scholars based at the Universities of Durham and Liverpool in the UK, the Clinic students conducted research and prepared a draft directive on alcohol advertising regulation.



Professor Amandine Garde (University of Liverpool), Oliver J. Bartlett (University of Durham) and Nikhil Gokani, (University of Liverpool)


Lead Scientific Advisor

Professor Amandine Garde (University of Liverpool)