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Project Title

The “BEUC Project” on Air Passenger Rights


Project aims

1. Conduct research into the current state of the use of “no show” clauses in air transport contracts across the EU.

2. Investigate arguments in favour of the EU Commission original proposal to ban the inclusion of such a clause under several angles, including consumer law and competition law.

3. Prepare a legal and strategic memo supporting the EU Commission original proposal to ban the inclusion of “no show” clauses in air transport contracts within the forthcoming revised Passengers’ Right Regulation.



So-called “no-show clauses” included in air transport contracts allow airlines to refuse boarding to a passenger who did not show up for either a) the first leg of a multi-leg travel; or b) the outbound flight in case of a return ticket.

Although the EU has considered banning such practices (at least in part), airline lobbying has halted progress.

Working directly for the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), Clinic students worked to produce a strategy paper rooted in thorough legal research that could identify a number of avenues for tackling the no-show clause. These included rebutting airline arguments against banning no-show clauses, planning a strategic litigation campaign and providing support to aggrieved consumers.




The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) is an umbrella consumers’ group, founded in 1962. Based in Brussels, Belgium, it brings together 40 European consumer organisations from 31 countries (EU, EEA and applicant countries). BEUC works to represent its member organizations at the European level and defend the interests of all Europe’s consumers.


Lead Scientific Advisor

Professor Anne-Lise Sibony, Université de Liège